Forensic Training Programs

Application Seminar and Two-Day Forensic Technologies Training

This is a general introduction to the applications associated with Forensic Light Sources, RUVIS, and Imaging Systems.

PrintQuest AFIS System Retraining

A complete re-training for agencies with the PrintQuest AFIS-APIS System.  Ideal for those agencies that have rotated personnel through departments.

Imaquest Fingerprint Software, Enhancement and Comparison Follow up Training

Detailed training in the use of the ImaQuest Fingerprint Enhancement Software Suite.

PrintQuest AFIS System Follow Up Training

Detailed training to follow up and augment included training that initially occurred during installation of the system.

RUVIS System Training

Reflected Ultra-Violet Imaging Systems are difficult to use and master. This training will cover the proper use of the systems and the results expected from that use.

Forensic Light Source Training

“Everything you ever wanted to know about using an alternate light source but were afraid to ask.” Designed for the novice and the expert alike.


About SPEX Forensics

Created as a separate Division in January 1997, this year we celebrate 21 Years of “serving those who serve the public good”.

We would like to thank all of our customers over the years, for their trust and partnership in making SPEX Forensics a success; and for all the hard, crucial work they do for the public good.

We are proud to be their partners.