End of Fiscal Year Suggestions

End of Fiscal Year Suggestions

Posted on: Sep 18, 2017

FOCUS LED as an End of Fiscal Year Option

With the end of the fiscal year approaching for many departments, there's sometimes an opportunity to tap remaining budgets for small equipment purchases. The Focus LED is a great option.

The ultra-compact FOCUS LED combines superior optical design with light weight and the ultimate portability. Carry it in your pocket, or use the water resistant case to carry the FOCUS and its full-line of available accessories.

Don't let its portability fool you. The FOCUS LED is a serious forensic light source, that can easily detect biological fluids and trace evidence, treated fingerprints, gunshot residue, drugs, bite marks and footprints. It can also be used to find hair, fingernails, bones and teeth. 


The Focus LED is available in two very affordable configurations: 6 wavelengths (shown above) and 3 wavelengths. Both options are complete kits, including the case, filters, goggles and charger. Watch our demo video to learn more. Or request a quote for your department, today.