IAI 2017 - Top Three HandScope LED Questions Answered

IAI 2017 - Top Three HandScope LED Questions Answered

Posted on: Sep 18, 2017

Top Three HandScope LED Questions From IAI Answered

Thanks to all those who stopped by the SPEX Forensics booth at this year's IAI. We enjoyed seeing you at the show.

The interest shown in our new HandScope LED was tremendous. We hope those who had a chance at a hands-on demo of the new unit benefitted from the opportunity. 

At the show, there were a number of questions about the new HandScope LED's capabilities. We thought we'd take this opportunity to provide answers to those most frequently asked.

1. How long does the battery last?
At the Low setting the unit will run for 3 hours, at an intensity that is comparable to other LED based lights. At the High Intensity setting, the unit will run for an hour producing a shockingly intense output.

2. How many wavelengths does it have?  
The HandScope LED has 5 wavelengths: UV, 440nm, 460nm, 520nm, and Crime Scene Search (CSS).

3. It has UV?
It sure does.  Unlike many other LED-based light sources that provide only purple, the HandScope LED has true UV at 365nm.

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Learn more about the HandScope LED, including a demonstration video, or, if you still have questions, contact us directly