Product Release: Mini-CrimeScope Advance Forensic Light Source

Product Release: Mini-CrimeScope Advance Forensic Light Source

Posted on: Feb 06, 2013

SPEX Forensics, an HORIBA Scientific company, just announced the launch of their new Mini-CrimeScope Advance (MCS-ADV).  Utilizing new bulb technology, as well as new high throughput, high durability interference filters, the Mini-CrimeScope Advance is now the brightest, most efficient bulb-based forensic light source on the market today.

Incorporating the latest in scientific innovation with new, cutting edge bulb technology utilizing a proprietary combination of gases, the Mini-CrimeScope Advance produces more light, intensity and power, thereby allowing investigators to see even the faintest of evidence.  MCS-ADV can easily detect biological fluids and trace evidence, treated fingerprints, gunshot residue, drugs, bite marks and footprints.  It can also be used to find hair, fingernails, bones and teeth.

The MCS-ADV features a newly redesigned and patented filter wheel at the working end of the liquid light guide. Users can easily switch a high throughput filter with only a ‘flick of a thumb,’ on the hand that is directing the light guide.  No other light source offers this feature.

Finally, the new Mini-CrimeScope ADV is the lightest weight forensic light source in its class.  The rugged chassis offers a front control panel with an intensity adjustment knob, a fold-down handle, and comes with a rigid, padded case for safe and easy transport.  And, the Mini-CrimeScope Advance is upgradeable so additional filter wheels can be added any time.

This combination of features and functionality provides a portability that allows investigators to easily bring laboratory intensity into the field.

“The new MCS-ADV is smaller, lighter and brighter than its predecessor,” said Jon Goldey, Forensic Instrument Specialist, SPEX Forensics.

The MCS-ADV standard kit includes: 10mm active diameter Liquid Light Guide (6 feet long) with dual armor plate, 4 pairs of goggles (1 UV protection, 1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 red), and 15 different wavelengths in 1 remote interchangeable thumbwheel (patented) with built in collimator.

SPEX Forensics manufactures this unit under ISO9001 standards and offers a one year warranty.   Click Here for product information or reach us at our Contact page.