Product Release: SceneScope RUVIS UHD Camera

Product Release: SceneScope RUVIS UHD Camera

Posted on: Apr 30, 2015

SPEX Forensics, a division of HORIBA Instruments, Inc., and global leader in forensic light sources, launched its new SceneScope RUVIS (Reflective Ultra Violet Imaging System) UHD 16MP Ultra High Definition camera with 4960 x 3324 pixel resolution, and a full frame chip.  The 16 MP UHD camera offers 3 user-selectable modes.

The new SceneScope RUVIS UHD includes capture software with 3 user selectable modes, allowing for fast viewing for placement, focus on the evidence, and high detail for capture at high resolution and high dynamic range.

A RUVIS is designed to detect latent prints, prior to treatment. First, it can detect and capture untreated prints on most smooth and non-porous surfaces, particularly on surfaces that reflect light very well and do not absorb prints.  Next, it can detect cyanoacrylate (CA) fumed prints, which will further enhance the detection by RUVIS. Print collection can be performed on surfaces such as plastic bags, sticky sides of tape, glossy magazines, photographs, linoleum tile, compact disks, credit cards, etc.

SceneScope RUVIS UHD devices are also able to capture high resolution images.  It uses 254nm UV light but rather than detecting fluorescence, it looks for the reflections and scatter of the 254nm light off of the fingerprint ridges.  These high resolution images at 254nm can be enlarged to visualize all levels of detail, even down to seeing individual pores within the fingerprint. The camera can capture a full palm image that contains all the information necessary to “zoom in” and see individual minutiae points. “The challenge with RUVIS systems in the past was being able to photograph evidence,” said Jon Goldey, Forensic Instrument Specialist.  “Now with our latest innovation, someone can quickly scan a piece of evidence and photograph a high resolution print in record time.”

SPEX Forensics manufactures this unit under ISO9001 standards and offers a one year warranty.   Click Here for product information or reach us at our Contact page.