How To Request a Quote

You can request a quote on any SPEX Forensics product. We respond to quote requests, typically within one business day. Requesting a quote on is fast and easy.

1. If you know you need a quote on a particular item, the “Request a Quote” button available at the top of each product page will jump you down to the list of specific items (catalog #s) available for that product line. 

Request a quote on any item

2. Choose which part number, and desired quantity, to add to your quote request.

Add specific items to your quote request

3. Each quote request can have one or more items, with unique quantities for each item.

Your quote request is like a shopping cart

4. Provide the required information to request your quote. No registration is required.

Complete your request.

5. A SPEX Forensics representative will follow-up on your request within one business day.