Use & Benefits

The new HandScope LASER is the latest Forensic Light Source by SPEX Forensics. The unique design allows one-hand operation. The same hand holding the light source can change cycle through the four different wavelengths and three power settings using the LCD touch panel. No other Laser offers the same versatility.

For scene processing, the removable lithium-ion battery provides up to 3 hours run time depending on the power setting. Displayed clearly on the LCD touchpad is the remaining battery life. The HandScope LASER battery can be recharged while in the unit and running or remove and charge in the battery conditioner.

Hands-free operation in the Lab is easy when using the integrated tripod mount with the Micro USB and optional software driving the HandScope LASER through all functions. Pair the HandScope LASER with the Universal Imaging System – UIS for the ultimate evidence capture system.

Check back here over the coming weeks for more information regarding our latest achievement.

Features & Specs

  • One Hand Operation
  • Illuminated Touchscreen for Wavelength, Intensity and Battery charge,
  • 4 wavelengths: 445nm, 525nm, CSS, UV 365 (LED),
  • Lithium Ion Battery,
  • 110-220 VAC power supply for main unit,
  • External charger for battery,
  • Laser Rated Safety Goggles,
  • Camera filters,
  • Laser Rated Viewing Shields,
  • Waterproof Mil-Spec case.

Items Available for Quote

HandScope LASER Ultra Portable Forensic Light Source. Includes 4 wavelengths: 445nm, 525nm, CSS, UV 365 (LED)