Use & Benefits

The SceneScope RUVIS UHD is a 16MP Ultra High Definition camera with 4960 x 3324 pixel resolution, and a full frame chip. It includes capture software with 3 user selectable modes: Fast Viewing for placement, Focus on the evidence, and High Detail for Capture at High Resolution and High Dynamic Range.

SceneScope RUVIS UHD devices use 254nm UV light but unlike Forensic Light Sources they are not detecting fluorescence. Instead the device looks for the reflections and scatter of the 254nm light off of the fingerprint ridges.  The System can detect fingerprints on most non-porous surfaces prior to any treatment or after a cyanoacrylate (Superglue) fuming. Fuming is required when preliminary examination yields no results. The two primary RUVIS applications are untreated prints on most non-porous surfaces, and cyanoacrylate (CA) fumed prints.

Smooth, Non-Porous Surfaces

The SceneScope RUVIS UHD Camera allows the detection of latent prints, prior to treatment. This is possible on surfaces that reflect light very well and do not absorb prints. That is to say, surfaces that are smooth and non-porous. Untreated prints with residual moisture show as white reflective ridges on a black background. Untreated oily prints appear as strong, black ridges on a shiny background. As surfaces become more rough or more porous, “superglueing” the print may extend the range of surfaces on which RUVIS will work.

Detects Latent Prints

The two primary RUVIS applications are the detection and capture of untreated prints on most non-porous surfaces, and cyanoacrylate(CA) fumed prints. Print collection can be performed on surfaces such as plastic bags, sticky sides of tape, glossy magazines, photographs, linoleum tile, compact disks, credit cards, etc. – Cyanoacrylate treatment (fuming) will further enhance the detection by RUVIS.

  Left: Latent (Untreated) print on soda can, illuminated with 254nm, visualized at 254nm. Right: Same Image on Left “Zoomed In”.


Capture an Image Once in High Resolution

The system is capable of capturing an immense amount of detail in a single image, even if that image covers a large area like an entire palm.  The 16MP Ultra High Definition Camera is capable of capturing high resolution images at 254nm that can be enlarged to visualize all levels of detail. The camera can capture a full palm image that contains all the information necessary to “zoom in” and see individual minutia points.

   Left: Fumed palm print on magazine, illuminated with 254nm, visualized at 254nm. Right: Same Image on Left “Zoomed In”.

Background Rejection 

Because the SceneScope RUVIS UHD sees the surface detail, it only sees material deposited on those surfaces, not materials “IN” the surfaces. This allows superior Background Rejection as the device does not see inks and patterns in printed material. As long as the surface does not show rises or indents, the background will disappear.

 Left: Ardrox print illuminated and captured in Visible light by a generic digital camera (what the human eye would see) Right: Same Sample illuminated and captured at 365nm.  Effective Background Rejection.

Features & Specs

Camera Specifications

Resolution: 16 million pixels
Data Transmission Rate: 3 User Selectable Operating Modes
Search: 10 fps
Fine Focus: 11 fps
Capture: 1.7 fps
Spectral Sensitivity: 250nm to 1100nm
Integration time: 1ms to 16 seconds
Aspect Ratio: 3:2
Data Transfer: Gigabit Ethernet

Safety First!

All SceneScope RUVIS UHD Devices include eye and skin protection devices against UV radiations. All RUVIS devices include lamps that emit high-intensity shortwave ultraviolet. Exposure to these wavelengths of radiation, even reflected or diffuse, can result in serious, and sometimes irreversible, eye and skin injuries. Never aim the shortwave UV lamp at anyone. Never look directly into the shortwave UV lamp. Always wear appropriate eye and skin protection when using any RUVIS device.

The system is manufactured under ISO 9001 standards.

As with any alternate light source, always wear eye and skin protection. Please illuminate responsibly.

Items Available for Quote

SceneScope RUVIS UHD System; 16 Megapixel Imaging Camera package for Fingerprint work.


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