Forensic Light Source Training

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“Everything you ever wanted to know about using an alternate light source but were afraid to ask.” Designed for the novice and the expert alike, the training will bring all personnel up to speed on how to use forensic light sources and what results to expect.

Crime Scene investigators will be trained on the care, use and applications of Alternate and Forensic Light Sources.  The training is designed to apply to any light sources made by any manufacturer. 

Current Forensic Light Source applications will be discussed in a classroom environment, followed by hands-on workshop depending on the capabilities of the hosting agency. 

Topics include: Theory of Light, Spectrum, Fluorescence, Reflectance, Absorption, Wavelengths, Filtering light, Protective Goggles and Camera filters, and Safety aspects.  Review of the use of the units both at the Crime Scene and in the lab. 

Hands-on topics can include: Latent print enhancement by the proper use of fluorescent powders, body fluid detection, and trace evidence detection.  Proper care and maintenance of the agency’s FLS units will be discussed.

Evidence Technicians will get a complete step by step overview of latent fingerprint processing, both on porous and non porous surfaces while using Forensic Light Sources. Cyanoacrylate techniques can be demonstrated. will be used and enhanced with FLS and optimized camera filters.

These training programs are offered to Law Enforcement Agencies and take place at their facility. Prices include all expenses. Prices are for U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies. Extra fees may apply for foreign destinations, based on availability of airfares, travel time, and local costs.

Who Should Attend: All Law Enforcement Personnel including but not limited to; Crime Scene Technicians, Investigators, Lab Technicians, Property and Evidence Technicians,
Length of Training: 1 day
Class Size: Limited to space available at Host Agency
Price: $2,995.00 flat fee for any number of attendees

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