PrintQuest AFIS System Follow Up Training

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Detailed training to follow up and augment included training that initially occurred during installation of the system.

Training includes latent input process, card input, search results review, charting results, administration (archiving, creating users, etc.). Optimizing latents with various skeleton related parameters.

These training programs are offered to Law Enforcement Agencies and take place at their facility. Prices include all expenses. Prices are for U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies. Extra fees may apply for foreign destinations, based on availability of airfares, travel time, and local costs.

Who Should Attend: Those personnel who will directly administer or operate the PrintQuest AFIS System and were trained during Initial Installation and Training
Length of Training: 1 Day
Class Size: Limited by Host Agency
Price: $3,995.00 for (5) PrintQuest users.

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